Cat Ba archipelago (Hai Phong) includes nearly 400 large and small islands, of which Cat Ba, also known as Ngoc island, is the largest island, attracting millions of tourists every year. Cat Ba has long become a dream destination every summer or weekend. You can spend 2 or 3 days to Cat Ba to enjoy the fresh, cool air and visit the famous attractions here. 

Where is Cat Ba?

Located in the southeast of Ha Long Bay, about 40km from the center of Hai Phong city, Cat Ba is famous for its strangely shaped rocky islands, floating villages on the sea, natural beaches with smooth sand, beautiful bays and beaches. primary forests are strictly protected and the historical relics are associated with the length of the country. 

What means of transport to Cat Ba?

There are many ways for you to come to Cat Ba every summer depending on your wishes and conditions. You can go to Cat Ba from Hanoi or if you are far away and have to travel by plane, you can fly to Cat Bi airport (Hai Phong) and then to Cat Ba. Here are the options that you can choose from:
From Hanoi:  
+ By car: If you want to go to Cat Ba by private car, you should follow the Hanoi - Hai Phong highway, crossing the Tan sea bridge. Vu - Lach Huyen and then to Got ferry (next to Cat Hai town). Pass the car over to the ferry and you've arrived at Cat Ba Island. Note that Got ferry is often stuck in traffic every weekend. Sometimes visitors have to wait for hours to cross the ferry.
+ By car + speedboat:From Hanoi, you drive to Binh wharf (Hai Phong) and then buy a speedboat ticket to Cat Ba. Speedboat running time is about 1 hour for 40km journey. The boat will dock at the center of Cat Ba town, so it is very convenient for you.
+ By cable car: The most modern cable car system in the country has just come into operation, connecting Cat Hai town with Cat Ba island. You can park your car in Cat Hai town, take the cable car to Cat Ba. From the cable car station on the first side of Cat Ba to the town center is nearly 20km, you will have to transfert by self-rented car or bus. 
+ By bus: Currently, there are many bus companies opening routes running directly to Cat Ba. Travel time is about 3.5 hours with ticket prices ranging from 200k to 400k. 
- Hoang Long bus company: departs from Nuoc Ngam bus station (Hoang Mai - Hanoi), travel time: 3 hours 55 minutes, destination: Cat Ba.
- Good Morning Cat Ba bus: Travel time: 3 hours. Departure point: Old Quarter (Hoan Kiem - Hanoi). Destination: Cat Ba town center. 
- DaiChi Travel: Travel time: 3 hours 30 minutes. Departure point: Hanoi office (Hoan Kiem-Hanoi). Destination: Cat Ba office. 
From Hai Phong:
+ By speedboat: The high-speed wharf (Binh wharf) is located right in the city center, so it is very convenient. Travel time from Binh wharf to Cat Ba is about 1 hour. 
+ By road:Driving from Hai Phong to Cat Ba takes more than 1 hour because you have to cross the Got ferry. But in return, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery, one side is the mountain covered with primeval forests, the other side is the sea. 
From Ha Long: Tuan Chau Wharf has daily ferry trips to Cat Ba Island. The ferry journey takes about 1 hour 30 minutes. Note that the ferry docks at Gia Luan, so you have to take the initiative to move into the town center (about 25km). 

When should you go to Cat Ba?

Cat Ba is located in the middle of the sea, so the climate is quite cool compared to other localities, so you can travel here all year round. However, from April to October is the most suitable time for a trip to Cat Ba with friends. From November to March next year is the tourist season that international tourists prefer because of the cold weather.

What to do in Cat Ba?

You can spend 2 to 3 days in Cat Ba and still have not gone to all the attractions. You will always be excited and satisfied with the spectacular scenery and entertainment activities in Cat Ba:
+ Visiting Lan Ha Bay by yacht: This is an activity that no tourist can afford to miss every day. opportunity to visit Cat Ba. Lan Ha Bay is likened to a paradise on earth with hundreds of large and small islands, more than 100 natural beaches and dozens of floating villages. 
+ Swimming: Cat Ba attracts a large number of tourists by owning many beautiful natural beaches. Right in the center of town, there are Cat Co 1,2,3 beaches. Going further you will encounter hundreds of natural beaches: Ba Trai Dao, Monkey Island, Nam Cat Island, Van Boi....Every beach is beautiful with smooth white sand and clear blue sea.
+ Sea kayaking:On Lan Ha Bay (Cat Ba) there are many places to rent kayaks so you can experience this water sport activity. Small composite boats will take you to explore the mountains, pristine caves or simply float along the tide and watch the clouds.
+ Visit floating fishing villages on the sea: On Cat Ba beach, there are dozens of floating fishing villages with thousands of people living. They are fishermen and small traders farming and trading seafood. Do not hesitate to stop on the fish rafts to discover the floating life of the fishing community here. 
Cycling in Viet Hai ancient village:Viet Hai is an ancient fishing village, located among the primeval forests of Cat Ba National Park. From the pier, you will cycle or take a tram (6km) to visit the ancient village with small cottages and gentle and hospitable people living in harmony with nature.
+ Visit Cat Ba National Park: Cat Ba National Park is home to thousands of rare and precious flora and fauna species recorded in the Red Book of the world and Vietnam, such as: lily clams, flower slices, kim Giao, and chi me (only found on Himalayas), especially the yellow-headed langur (only in Cat Ba with more than 60 individuals). 
+ Trung Trang Cave : The cave is located next to the road from the town to the National Park, with a length of more than 300m discovered nearly 100 years ago, surrounded by rich and diverse vegetation creating a fresh air for visitors.
+ Hang Quan Y:The cave is located on the cliff, which was the medical clinic of the Italian army during the resistance war against the French. 
+ Cannon Fort: also known as the 177th high point because this place is located on the top of the mountain, 177m above sea level. There are also 2 huge cannons cast in the early 20th century, evidence of the wars to protect the Fatherland in the past. In addition, the cannon fortress is also a great check-in point and a beautiful panoramic view of Cat Ba.

Hotels in Cat Ba.

On Cat Ba Island, there are countless hotels for you to choose from, from 2 stars to 5-star resorts. The most luxurious has Mgallery and the luxurious 5-star Flamigo Beach Resort. Below that, you can stay at the 4-star Cat Ba island resort & spa hotel with a room price of about 1 million VND. If you want to be in harmony with nature, you can stay at island resorts such as Sandy Beach Resort or Monkey Island resort with room rates from 700k to 800k. Note that hotels in Cat Ba can double their room rates on weekends.

Must-try specialties in Cat Ba.

Cat Ba seafood is so delicious that you can swallow your tongue and there are countless varieties to choose from. There are delicious dishes that you can't miss such as grilled mussels with onion fat, crispy fried egg squid, fried salted surface, steamed green crabs with lemongrass or steamed tutu with onion fat...
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